Posted in December 2011

From Joking Subject to Object of Manipulation; How I understand the Politics around Golola Moses.

Introduction. Like in the soap operas, a person comes to manipulate another and the truth comes out at the end. So is the Golola issue. It all started on Friday 9th December, when Golola lost to the Hungarian Kick boxer Andrias Nagy. After this fight, Golola parted ways with his close friend Patrick Kanyomozi on … Continue reading


Unconscious living; How about giving it a try?

Society is so strange. These days unconsciousness is also a lifestyle. A desirable on to some people by the way! It has come as a trend, eating up society like Golola Moses warming up for a Sudanese opponent!  No w I know that you are asking yourself what the hell conscious living is. If you … Continue reading


The civilization theory; How Bad Black gave relevance to my Theory.

Introduction. Most people think that coming up with a theory is something so hard – next to impossible, to the contrary, I think it is one the easiest things to do – though with some limitations. A theory is easy to formulate so long a s you have the rules to follow. By definition, a … Continue reading