The civilization theory; How Bad Black gave relevance to my Theory.


Most people think that coming up with a theory is something so hard – next to impossible, to the contrary, I think it is one the easiest things to do – though with some limitations. A theory is easy to formulate so long a

s you have the rules to follow. By definition, a theory is:

‘…a tentative statement that tends to explain the occurrence of certain behaviours and phenomena’.

Introducing the Civilization Theory.

The Civilization Theory tends towards Uncivilization. It is the tool I use to understand how the uncivilized societies perceive milieu and phenomena. It should be known to us all that there is a clear-cut distinction between two groups at both sides of the continuum – the civilized and the uncivilized.

Key Assumptions.

  1. 1.      Lack of Multiplicity. The uncivilized lack the capacity to convert money to capital in order for it to multiple. They  prefer giving it away!
  2. 2.      Inferiority complex. In the company of the civilized, the uncivilized lack confidence and are inferior.
  3. 3.      Uncivilisation is equivalent to illiteracy. It is not to say that all illiterate people are uncivilized, but the majority [even otherwise with literate people]. The people that have an inadequacy in of an education treasure things you cannot believe.
  4. 4.      Evaluate yourself! If you find yourself with these qualities even when you consider yourself literate, then you are uncivilized, the same to the illiterate.

Black’s story in relation to the Civilization Theory.

Shanita Namiyimbwa aka Bad Black has been the highlight of 2011. Rising from nowhere to somewhere! She took Kampala by storm. This ‘rich girl’ rocked night clubs around town, splashing monies was a habit she was addicted to. No one even bothered to ask how a girl formally a market vendor in Owino market got all that money. In her company where posh cars.

She was not alone, also, out of the blue came a one Meddie Sentongo, he is Black’s boy friend. This guy used to change cars like clothes, cars with personalized registration plates. One highlight was when he gave [not sold] one of his Mercedes Benz to famous artist Jose Chameleon.

These two lovebirds stormed Kampala and no one could stop them, even facebook [with Meddie’s broken English]. It is amazing how things can happen so fast.

The Civilisation theory, in this, is interested in how the uncivilized remain so even with the means to civilize.

Note that these people chewed the monies and did not invest it to ensure multiplicity. (Save for a few houses Black bought and some pieces of land). In addition, they where gripped by the inferiority complex. The feeling of being inferior led them to showing us that they actually had the money and that it was theirs to spend.

With the little education they had, they did not know what to do with these monies, some ‘wise’ young girls, probably campusers joined Black’s camp and had a share of this money. Not to forget, this money also paid the Kanyamas (Muscle men) who protected her – I don’t know from who!

The means justify the ends!

One morning, I heard over the radio that Black actually has one personalized registration plate for all her posh cars [by implication, she changed registration plates everyday]. Soon after this, her former Mzungu boyfriend came into the picture by filing a case in court. David Greenhalgh, a British businessman was Black’s side kick for about seven months.

It is from this relationship that Black acquired about $4 million, to put the statement right, Black stole $4M from this old Mzungu.

After the issues changing from social to legal, everyone got to know the source of Black and Maddie’s ‘dimes’.


The uncivilized/or illiterate, even with the means to civilize cannot, they are unfamiliar with the path that that lead to civilization, [it is not thorough colonialism]. If given rights, the uncivilized will misuse them. You give them ropes, they will hang themselves! The question of what to do is for another day.


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