Unconscious living; How about giving it a try?

Society is so strange. These days unconsciousness is also a lifestyle. A desirable on to some people by the way! It has come as a trend,

eating up

society like Golola Moses warming up for a Sudanese opponent!  No

w I know that you are asking yourself what the hell conscious living is. If you are, then am happy you are on the right track. But do you get it even before I exemplify?

For example…

…one day, while at the School of Social Sciences, I dared to go up the stairs to the second floor that houses the department of Political Sci

ence, as I was approaching the stairs, some two students were holding a conversation just at the staircase, each at the extreme end. Literally, they had blocked off the path and had turned it into a joint [or something of that sort] but unconsciously.

Another example, in my class of public Administration, there are three girls, when they are conversing, even the Academic Registrar at the fourth floor can hear the conversation. One day, one of these girls took a photo of the lecturer, the snap shot was so loud that the lecturer heard it; he labeled the class a joke before storming out of the lecture room. As students were pleading with the lecturer to come back and teach, these three girls

were laughing their ‘teeth’ out.

Do not try it please!

The title of this post is a question asking you whether you could give unconscious living a try, my humble answer is that, you should not. First, what all these people pose is lack of seriousness. They have horrible timing and ‘inverted reasoning’. Secondly, they are selfish, blocking one’s way because of hocus pocus (wolokoso) is not Christian/Muslim of you.

Even when unconscious living is eating up our societies, you can be the champion of conscious living. Just knowing that everything should be done in the right place is not rocketism. A road pavement or a staircase is not a pork joint will never be one! Likewise, a classroom is not a theatre or a zoo. Sending those unconscious people to hell for a day is not a crime, its justice. The world is moving first and time for such figures is not there. Wake them up or join them in their slumber!



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