From Joking Subject to Object of Manipulation; How I understand the Politics around Golola Moses.


Like in the soap operas, a person comes to manipulate another and the truth comes out at the end. So is the Golola issue. It all started on Friday 9th December, when Golola lost to the Hungarian Kick boxer Andrias Nagy. After this fight, Golola parted ways with his close friend Patrick Kanyomozi on issues to do with money. The ‘joking subject has since become the object of manipulation’.

The object of Manipulation.

The information we got was suggesting that Golola gets shs 30 million that he declined for a 40% stake of the gate-collection money, after expenses have been deducted. These issues are not our concern though. Fuelling this was Pastor Evans Mayambala and journalist-turned-politician, Allan Sewanyana.

Mayambala ‘the Pastor’.

Pastor Evans Mayambala, who is Golola’s brother championed this controversy. As Patrick (Kanyomozi) has always said, Mayambala is the problem in all this. He (Mayambala) claims to be Golola’s manager, but on a radio show, The Andrew Kabuura Sports World, Patrick clearly stated that this pastor is not the legal manager of Golola Moses.

How does Mayambala benefit from all this?

You could think that Mayambala is fighting a battle for his brother, if you are thinking along the same line, re-think. First of all, with the way Golola and Patrick were to share the money, Mayambala did not have a share. It is rumored that this same fella had barred Golola from fighting until he is handed his share of the money. This explains why the guy is giving his ‘all in all’.

Secondly, as a pastor, this guy is a business man, he needs a formidable ‘sheep’ to follow him. He needs to make profits from his church and probably get a good ride, house and air play on radio and TV stations.

Allan Sewanyana ‘the Politician’.

Allan Sewanyana is a journalist-turned-politician. He is L.C 5 chairman of Makindye division (these days they call themselves Division Lord Mayors according to the new KCCA act). He practices journalism with Top Radio and also does a ‘sports refreshment show’ the Lunch time sports update on NBS TV. This chap has been central in all this controversy.

When Golola petitioned parliament yesterday over this same issue, he was with this same guy. It is believed that he (Sewanyana) hatched the plan of following the Lord Mayor Erias Lukwago to parliament since he knew of this appointment [since he is also a member of KCCA].

How does Sewanyana benefit from all this?

People should not forget that Sewanyana is a politician who is in office because of an election. In this, he needs to put on an image and a show that will depict him as a caring leader no matter the cost.

First of all, he needs to show his electorate that he cares as a division leader and that he is fit for another term in office come 2016.

Secondly, he needs to spur his career as a journalist and this means stepping on fellow journalists [like Patrick Kanyomozi] even when all are members of the Uganda Sports Press Association (USPA).

Thirdly, do not get surprised if you hear that the new promoter of Golola Moses is Allan Sewanyana. Uganda is a land of opportunities u know!

What does Kanyomozi Say?

Patrick Kanyomozi, the former promoter of Golola (Golola is Kanyomozi’s best man) who Sewanyana claims is in hiding, is moving to all radio stations to clarify the issue [and I have not heard Mayambala say anything]. Patrick has even called a press conference as well regarding the issue. These are some of his views;

–          He (Patrick) is no longer Golola’s promoter and hence, a fan like us.

–          Mayambala is the problem in all this mess.

–          Mayambala is not Golola’s legal Manager.

–          The money was counted and it tallied with the receipt books, which (receipt books) are in the custody of the kick boxing federation.

–          He (Patrick) is ready to hand Golola’s share to him or His legal manager [not this Mayambala guy].

–          He is ready to clear issues with Golola with the help of an arbitrator.


As the title of this post states, Golola Moses is now an object of Manipulation. Different parties are using him to get to the top without him noticing. What amuses me is that these people (pastor and politician) don’t want consensus. This is intriguing.  To them as I have said on different forums, it is a means to an end. It is to Golola to open his eyes and see the truth, that is if he has the capacity to do so (considering the fact that some people see him as a person suffering due to his failure to rise above his illiteracy and see issues correctly). As I said in the introduction, the truth will prevail at last, and the manipulators will pay for their evils – they will be served to the crocodiles.



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