New Vision or Mission; Ha ha we are the real spies!

Of late, Kabushenga’s boys have been doing a great job of giving us vital information – this has however landed them in some sort of trouble. In fact, the apologies Kabushenga has given [specifically to Buganda] outlast the greetings he has received from the same people! The recent apology note from Kabushenga appeared on the front page of the Saturday Vision dated 28th January. Let us review Kabushenga’s troubles.

Makerere Tuition Increament Saga.

Sometime last year (2011), New Vision broke a story, it was alleged that the University Council was to increase tuition fees by over 60%. The following morning, students at the Great Makerere – call them The Gallant Makerereans did what they do best; chewing free chikoko (chicken), destroying property among others. Later the truths in these claims were subject to question. The students were somehow mis-informed.

Bulange Land title Saga.

Buganda kingdom had given in the Bulange (Buganda Parliament) land title for a loan, this is what came from NV, but no sooner had they [NV] broke the story than the Katikiro came out to refute the claims and champion  a boycott of Bukedde, a vernacular newspaper belonging to NV. The sales of Bukedde extremely went down and Kabushenga – the CEO of Vision Group has to save the situation by apologizing to Buganda.

Kabaka’s son (Semakokilo) Saga.

In a move that was tactically motivated, Buganda announced the birth of the ‘six months old’ prince without disclosing anything about the mother of the baby. We therefore needed ‘macho’ men to discern the where about of the mysterious mom of Semakokiro.

The ‘macho’ were New Vision, how they found out is a different story altogether. Through their Vernacular paper, Bukedde, the mom of Semakokilo was the ‘cover model’ of the issue dated 25th January. For more info about the Muzaana, checkout Bukedde.


In all these ventures and many more, the most headaches have been suffered by Buganda Kingdom – and it has become a trend for Kabushenga to apologise to His Highness the Kabaka. Is this the new vision or there is more we should wait for? My advice to Kabushenga is to write 1000 apology letters because its gonna be a long ride.

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